Our aim is to build a long standing relationship with you and your business, enabling us to successfully recruit your new employees.

Our approach is unique due to the fact that although you will mainly deal with one consultant, we all are aware of what’s going on and so if you need to speak to your consultant and they are unavailable….someone can still help!

As a rule we meet all candidates we register and take our time getting to know them. This not only means we know exactly what they want but also we will only send you people who are right for the job.

We always listen to your needs and are selective when sending candidates, making 100% sure they fit your criteria.

As members of TEAM, we are able to provide you with a wider selection of candidates by liaising with our network of local agencies. This saves you the time of having to deal with more than one agency and also saves you the risk of having to negotiate higher fees!

We have a number of proven ways of attracting candidates and have shown below just how effective each method is. These percentages are based on recent placements:



We pride ourselves on the fact that many candidates are recommended to us and then return when they are once again seeking employment and have commented on our friendly and helpful attitude.


As part of the TEAM network, we are able to liaise with a number of local and national agencies in order to find the right candidates. Having built up strong relationships, this method has proved highly successful.


We use a number of the top advertising sites as well as our own website and a large percentage of our candidates come to us via this route.


Remaining candidates are attracted by means such as Recommendations, Social Media, Recruitment Fairs and Mailers.

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